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Discussion of Problem 1600. Airport

Autors, TL in Java...
Posted by HonoraryCoder 30 Jul 2008 13:07
I have o(n * n) algorithm, not many calculations inside cycle, but still TLE12. Imho, everybody writes such a solutions, but in c++ in can be accepted in 0.015, but i have 1.031 (or more) in java. That's not fairly. I ask autors to increase TL up to 2 seconds, or maybe change your time checking system to prevent this...
Re: Autors, TL in Java...
Posted by [SPbSU ITMO] WiNGeR 30 Jul 2008 17:30
I have ACepted this problem in 0.234 using Java without any optimizations.
Re: Autors, TL in Java...
Posted by Denis Koshman 19 Aug 2008 04:13
I have 0.234 in C++ with simple O(N^2) algo. Square roots are slow even in C++.