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Discussion of Problem 1453. Queen

output size???
Posted by Igor Mihajlovic 21 Aug 2008 05:15
what is the limit for output size
it could be very big for n=10000 and s=100000 and if the coordinates is in center of hypercube then there is (s-1)*2^(n-1) by bishop and n*(s-1) by rock  squares that queen can move
how the hell should i output this??
or am i wrong???

plz help ASAP!!!

Edited by author 21.08.2008 07:36

Edited by author 21.08.2008 07:36
Re: output size???
Posted by Mamuka Sakhelashvili [Freeuni] 11 Dec 2013 21:18
you can use BigInteger class in java, which calculates the numbers of any sizes...