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Discussion of Problem 1166. Funny Card Game

WA5 What that?
Posted by Dmitry "Logam" Kobelev [TSOGU] 15 Sep 2008 23:14
I thought out plenty of tests, but they all were passed by my code. Now I am wandering what kind of test the fifth one might be). Do someone know something about it?
And a few questions:
1) Could player has some idential cards?
2) Could player has more then 1 joker?
3) Could the Queen be laid by another Queen of suit, differ then announced by the first Queen?
Re: WA5 What that?
Posted by Dmitry "Logam" Kobelev [TSOGU] 16 Sep 2008 11:37
Test 5 is smth like
* * AC 6S 7H AS 6D 7D AH 6C 7C KS AD QS
Now I have wa51 :P
First 51 tests don't have idential cards and more then two jokers. You can't lay the Queen onto the Queen with differ announced suit.

Edited by author 16.09.2008 12:06