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Discussion of Problem 1203. Scientific Conference

How can I sort in this problem?
Posted by K-A-R-E-N 14 Jan 2009 19:34
Can anybody help me??? Please...
Re: How can I sort in this problem?
Posted by rihaz 4 Sep 2014 19:33
i think this problem can be solved using greedy algo too,
sort them according to the ending time, take a time variable 't',we took the interval whose starting time is later than 't' and choose the one which ends the earliest.

for example: 1-4 4-14 6-10 3-7 11-16
sorted: 1-4 3-7 6-10 4-14 11-16
here 1-4 ends the earliest, then we have a choose 6-10 (as 3-7 starting time is before 4)
i think you get the idea.