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Discussion of Problem 1185. Wall

WA12. Give me hint, plz.
Posted by Programmer 24 Jan 2009 00:14
Help me.
Posted by Programmer 11 Feb 2009 02:17
I don`t know what bug is in my programm. Who can give me this test.
Re: Help me.
As I remember, in 12th test the point is in precision. If you write in Pascal, use Extended (in C++ - double), use very accurate value for PI (3.1415926 is NOT enough), in Pascal use standard constant "pi", in C - 2.0*acos(0.0)
Re: WA12. Give me hint, plz.
Posted by Artem Khizha [DNU] 31 Aug 2010 18:20
Well, in my case the reason for WA#12 was inproper implementation of Graham's algorithm, not a precision. Be careful with cases, when there are points with the same polar angle.