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Discussion of Problem 1334. Checkers

There is NOTHING WRONG with this problem!
Posted by Armen Tsirunyan 5 Oct 2009 20:53
So many posts here that the problem statement is incomplete or that the tests are wrong. I hereby announce that there is ABSOLUTELY nothing wrong with this problem. Just solve it straightforwardly and you'll get AC. If you don't get AC, it means that you have solved the problem incorrectly! There is no input with less or more than 32 moves, no input where there are white cells, no input with cells that are out of bounds, no input with same cell twice, blah blah blah ans so on. So stop the hysteria, read the statement one more time, and solve this simple problem, and don't scare/discourage other people from solving it(I myself, frankly, after reading all your posts, didn't even want to start solving it, because I thought this could be one of those dirty problems with incomplete statement or whatever).
Thank you.
Re: There is NOTHING WRONG with this problem!
Posted by gautamvs 8 Apr 2014 13:31
This is correct. Just we need to consider all the cases with boundary conditions.

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