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Discussion of Problem 1753. Bookshelf

WA #8
Posted by Marginean Ciprian 20 Mar 2010 16:14
Does it mean that we need to calculate the maximal displacement where the center goes even when it falls? And after the book starts falling must we consider that the book just rotates around the edge of the bookshelf? or it slides a little backwards. Some more explanation of the problem text and maybe some hints would be welcomed. Thank you.

L.E. Now I get WA 8. I don't think there is a problem with precision, or something like that. Some more samples to pass this test? Does L have to be used at anything? I believe not since L>H.

L.L.E. My WA 8 was from a division by 2 of an integer variable, which I  assigned to a double variable. The problem was solved when I divided by 2.0

Edited by author 25.03.2010 20:20