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Discussion of Problem 1764. Transsib

how to take in account the time ?
Posted by svr 23 Oct 2010 22:21
Is it standard maxflow problem?
May be it is 4-types of products flow?

AC  without times using.
LP problem for 4-component flow
with help of simplex method(my smpmeth is above struct{__int64 intpart;__int64 num;__int64 denum;char sign;};)
By the way, very good question:
why maxflow algo doesn't work.

Edited by author 24.10.2010 01:48

Edited by author 24.10.2010 01:49
Re: how to take in account the time ?
Posted by olpetOdessaONU [1 2/3] 25 Oct 2011 12:58
Maxflow algo doesn't work because it uses ways like M-1-2-3-Y or M-4-5-6-Y, that are not available.