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Discussion of Problem 1822. Hugo II's War

WA #1
Posted by 2rf 19 Mar 2011 15:57
I write in Java, I know that answer for test 1 is 50, and even when I add following lines to my code:

if (Math.abs(l - 50) > 1e-4) {
    while (true);
out.printf("%.9f", l);

I recieve WA. What can be wrong?
Re: WA #1
Posted by daftcoder [Yaroslavl SU] 19 Mar 2011 16:17
Same strange thing.

I AC'eed this problem several days ago from 2nd try. But there is something... strange.
Re: WA #1
Posted by 2rf 19 Mar 2011 16:22
Great, it's not only me. Can admins make some statement about this problem? Can you at least show me what my program outputs at test #1 ?
Re: WA #1
Posted by dalex 19 Mar 2011 16:24
Is the 1st test equal to the sample?
Re: WA #1
Posted by 2rf 19 Mar 2011 16:30
I'm not sure, first two numbers in test 1 are "6 3", but I was lazy to check it further. Most probably, 1st test is sample.
Re: WA #1
Posted by KIRILL(Arkhangelsk - PomorSU) 19 Mar 2011 16:34
test 1 is same as sample
checker is wrong
seems it compares answers as strings

Edited by author 19.03.2011 16:40
Re: WA #1
Posted by 2rf 19 Mar 2011 16:36
Thanks a lot.

For all who wants to solve this problem right now: output your answer with exactly 8 digits after decimal point.

Edited by author 19.03.2011 16:36