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Discussion of Problem 1029. Ministry

What the output means?
Posted by phizaz 6 Apr 2011 17:25
I don't understand what the output means?

thanks for help!
Re: What the output means?
Posted by sylap 25 Aug 2013 14:29
3 3 2 1 1

MOVE 1: 1st floor [3]rd room
MOVE 2: 2nd floor [3]rd room
MOVE 3: 2nd floor [2]nd room
MOVE 4: 2nd floor [1]st room
MOVE 5: 3rd floor [1]st room

More Detailed:
Let out[] be the output array. If out[i] == out[i+1] then it means that you go one floor up, as there is no point in revisiting the same official. Otherwise you go to one of the neighboring rooms. If out[i] + 1 == out[i+1] then you go to the right neighboring room. Else if out[i] - 1 == out[i+1] then you go to the left neighboring room.

Hope it helped you. And hope that my C-style like syntax didn't make it hard to understand  :)

Edited by author 25.08.2013 14:31