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Discussion of Problem 1829. Routing Tables

Why TL is so large?
The problem is just working with arrays, the most difficult part is sorting, the rest is O(N) - why TL is 2 sec., especially given that there are more time-intensive problems with TL 0.5 sec.??? My very inefficient solution with long long's got AC in 0.125 sec, so 1 sec. here is more than enough...
Re: Why TL is so large?
Posted by Sandro (USU) 9 Apr 2011 00:32
As you can see, your "very inefficient solution" is the best solution now. :) By the way, current best Java solution works 0.625 sec.
Re: Why TL is so large?
Hm, really funny =) Interesting to know, what algo did other guys use...
And what's bottleneck for Java solutions? Input, or something else?

As for my question - still, as you can see, currently only one solution for this problem has runtime more than 1 sec., and in problem 1827, for instance, almost half of the solutions got TL, and I think many of them have runtime bit more than 1 sec. I just wanted to say that timelimit policy should be consistent - if you impose quite strict timelimits for other problems, it is quite strange to give more here...