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Discussion of Problem 1009. K-based Numbers

Please explain in detail
Posted by Siroj Matchanov [TUIT] 26 Jul 2011 13:12
1010230 is a valid 7-digit number;
1000198 is not a valid number; -------------[WHY??]
0001235 is not a 7-digit number, it is a 4-digit number.

so if N=3 K=10:
100 can't be a valid number? (Because it has two continuous zeros ?)
but 101 is a valid number, right?

Please provide me with more examples...
Re: Please explain in detail
Posted by pyh119 27 Jul 2011 17:52
We define a number to be valid if its K-based notation doesn’t contain two successive zeros.

1000198 has three successive zeros,so it is invalid.

Of course,100 is invalid where 101 is valid.