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Discussion of Problem 1578. Mammoth Hunt

Are there beautifull solution?
Posted by Joseph Puh the Battle Bear 8 Oct 2011 15:07
Are there beautifull solution? The one other from bruteforce
Re: Are there beautifull solution?
Posted by bsu.mmf.team 9 Oct 2011 04:33
Yes, there are exists one very beautiful O(N^2) solution. But the practical complexity of this algo is much less :)
Re: Are there beautifull solution?
Posted by Harkonnen 7 Aug 2022 12:22
There is also almost O(N) solution, but that's due to weak tests (probably there is a proof that N*log(N)) is enough. Just go forward and swap vertices if they form non-acute angle (that's WA14). Then go backward and do the same (that's WA22). Then do that in a loop 10 times back and forth, and get weak AC :)

P.S: Even 2 such passes is enough (no proof, just such tests). And I think there is a proof that N passes is always enough.

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