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Discussion of Problem 1866. Poetic Foot

Test 7
Posted by NTU StarLights 15 Oct 2011 18:00
Hi, can anyone tell me what this test looks like? I always get WA 7 :(
Re: Test 7
Posted by [York] 3xian 15 Oct 2011 18:03
Me too
Re: Test 7
Posted by Proof 15 Oct 2011 18:24
We brute-forced the judge on all the 5 given outputs for test 7, none of them worked.
Re: Test 7
Posted by bsu.mmf.team 15 Oct 2011 21:54
There are 6 possible outputs for each test :)
But in English version of the problem there's nothing said about "not a poem"-output.

Edited by author 15.10.2011 22:06
Re: Test 7
Posted by RR 15 Oct 2011 21:56
There're 6 possible outputs in Russian version and 5 in English version !
Re: Test 7
Posted by bsu.mmf.team 15 Oct 2011 22:07
Yes, I saw now. It is the total fail of judges )))
Re: Test 7
Phrase about "not a poem" was lost somewhere while copying problems to timus. Fixed already.
Re: Test 7
Posted by Radi Muhammad Reza 16 Oct 2011 00:02
if 'not a poem' was absent all we had to do is scan first line only and then easily determined. that's what i did during contest. sad, there was no clars :(
Re: Test 7
Posted by Sandro (USU) 17 Oct 2011 15:21
Submits from the online constest will be rejudged.
Re: Test 7
Posted by Sandro (USU) 17 Oct 2011 21:24
All submits from the online contest were rejudged on the all tests without "not a poem" answer. Submits from the problem set are judged on the full set of tests, because now english statement is correct.
Re: Test 7
Posted by Strekalovsky Oleg [Vologda SPU #1] 1 Nov 2011 00:47
Try to check 'not a poem' like
[a] b b b
[a] [b] [b] [b]
Re: Test 7
Posted by IgorKoval(from Pskov) 13 May 2012 21:12
I have WA7. But now AC.
I think Every word have only one accent(stress,emphasis) but it is not correct.
Every word can have many accent(stress,emphasis)!!!
[sam]-o-[let] go [down]

par-[o]-hod [ob] bereg [byetcha]
kapitan [krichit] vpered
kak [ta]-ko-[my] razebau
doveryaut [par]-o-[hod]