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Discussion of Problem 1280. Topological Sorting

Very very bad title
Posted by ucs6 27 Apr 2012 01:16
Don't be trapped by the title of this problem...it would just make it more complicated
Re: Very very bad title
Posted by Md. Fahim Mohiuddin 5 Jun 2014 01:44
I see no problem in the title. It's a very simple straight forward TOP_SORT problem. And I have seen some critical cases in other threads which cases would appear 'critical' if and only if any process other than simple top_sort is approached.
Re: Very very bad title
Posted by Hristo Nikolaev (B&W) 22 Dec 2022 19:15
I`d say don`t be trapped by the category of the problem. It says Graph Theory, but can be easily solved with other data structures.