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Discussion of Problem 1850. Space Tourism

please, explain example?
Posted by xurshid_n 10 Aug 2012 17:06
Re: please, explain example?
Posted by Erop [USU] 10 Aug 2012 20:32
There is two clusters of planets: first cluster - planets on distance 10, 20, 30 from Betelgeuse, and second - 50, 60.
If tourist start with any planet from cluster - he can get to any another planet from this cluster, but can't get to any planet from any another cluster.
Every tourist has another restriction: max and min distance to Betelgeuse, so first tourist can visit {10, 20, 30} or {50, 60} in first set only one race, in second set - two races. So answer for first tourist is 2.
Second tourist can visit only {20, 30} - one race - answer is 1.