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Discussion of Problem 1919. Titan Ruins: Transformation of Cylinders

Posted by QWERTY 20 Oct 2012 14:07
Is fourth test correct?
Re: WA#4
Posted by iLko 20 Oct 2012 15:02
the problem seems to be very easy but idk, i have WA#4 too
Re: WA#4
Posted by Angel 20 Oct 2012 15:10
Same for me, fails at 4. Please double check.
Re: WA#4
There are many fails on test 4. But it is absolutely correct, both test and answer were checked by hands multiple times. Look for error in your code.
Re: WA#4
Posted by SPb SU Taken: Demidov, Korystov 20 Oct 2012 16:24
Does cylinder contains bottom and top?
Re: WA#4
Posted by Bogatyr 21 Oct 2012 03:36
> Does cylinder contains bottom and top?

Take a look at the sample inputs again.
Re: WA#4
Posted by Oracle[Lviv NU] 21 Oct 2012 21:25
I've checked my formula with both kinds of formulas given in this article:

(if someone is interested in full version of article - mailto Oracle@acm.lviv.ua)

I use BigInteger in Java - should be no precision issues.

Results are the same for all rectangles with 1 <= sides <= 100 and for about a billion random test cases with 1 <= side <= 1000000.

And still WA#4((( Is it definitely correct?

Now I wonder if the problem is exactly in checking if one rectangle fits into others? Or I've missed something?
Re: WA#4
Posted by Oracle[Lviv NU] 22 Oct 2012 02:20
Sorry for complaint. Seems that tests are correct - I've misunderstood the statement.