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Обсуждение задачи 1936. Шоушилин

some tests
Послано Vladimir 11 ноя 2012 00:54
Give me, please, first 10-15 answers.
Re: some tests
Послано bsu.mmf.team 12 ноя 2012 17:30
It's not hard to get the correct formula for this problem, but harder to implement it because of high precision required.
At last I had to use precalculated array for getting AC.
Here's your answers:
2 -> 1.5
3 -> 2.25
4 -> 3.21428571
5 -> 4.48571429
6 -> 6.21981567
7 -> 8.64673579
8 -> 12.1044438
9 -> 17.0919353
10 -> 24.3495978
Re: some tests
Послано Vladimir 12 ноя 2012 23:04
Ok, thank you!
Re: some tests
Послано Vedernikoff 'Goryinyich' Sergey (HSE: АОП) 18 дек 2012 04:19
What was the issue? For me straightforward implementation in C++ using double got AC easily.
Re: some tests
Послано bsu.mmf.team 3 янв 2013 16:04
How did you take 100th power of 3/2?
I can't think it out. I've never used decimal long arithmetic.

Edited by author 03.01.2013 16:06

Edited by author 03.01.2013 16:06
Re: some tests
Послано Vedernikoff 'Goryinyich' Sergey (HSE: АОП) 4 янв 2013 16:09
It is useful to remember that standard double type can store numbers up to 10^300 (and even a bit more). (3/2)^100 < 2^100 < 10^35
=> no problem to compute it in double. And since you need relative accuracy of only 7 digits => 16+ digits that double variable stores is more than enough to compute what you need.
Actually, here with usual double you can calculate answers for n up to 500+.
Re: some tests
Послано bsu.mmf.team 5 янв 2013 23:41
Is it really true?
I always thought that double type takes only 8 bytes of memory and hence cannot store such big numbers.
But anyway thank you. Maybe I just have bad compiler or bad implementation as always :)
Re: some tests
Послано Giorgi Giglemiani [Freeuni] 5 ноя 2013 04:57
good test:
n=40 ans=3688328.070956036
Re: some tests
Послано Spatarel Dan Constantin 24 май 2014 01:44
The problem asks for at least 6 correct decimals. I had to compute up to 100 decimals (in intermediate computations) to get the required precision in the final answer for n = 100.

Here is the (censored) answer for the biggest possible test:
n = 100
answer = 13552*3*4*4*1*6*18.186159417