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Discussion of Problem 1306. Sequence Median

Anyone have any ideas on what Test 8 is doing?
Posted by SquidBoy 8 Mar 2013 11:27
Had some issues implementing the heap, and then realised had a nice Access Violation (didn't bother to check we weren't exceeding the bounds on the heaps underlying array).

Now I'm stuck on Test #8 - but I've tried every test I've seen suggested in the comments....Anyone got a nice test to try ???
Re: Anyone have any ideas on what Test 8 is doing?
Posted by SquidBoy 12 Mar 2013 05:12
I've even tried generating up to about 190000 random numbers < 2^31-1 in Excel (3 columns) and my median always agrees with theirs....

I've Also tried the same number of ordered numbers (incrementing by 1) as well as random but sorted numbers in a single column (sorted in both directions).

I suspect I have some silly output issue (rather than a logic issue - but that might just be because I;m arrogant).
I think the admins might want to check the wording
Posted by SquidBoy 12 Mar 2013 05:41
Ok, for those who have trouble with test 8.  Apparently 0 is a valid value in the tests (I'd assumed that POSITIVE meant "strictly greater than 0" - I would have thought including 0 is NON-NEGATIVE rather than POSITIVE).  Once I catered for the possibility of 0 in the heap, everything was happy....
In my case
Posted by josue.0 2 Jul 2016 12:59
In my case I was getting wrong one of the elements for the semi-sum.