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Discussion of Problem 1517. Freedom of Choice

Hashing ...
Posted by vlyubin 21 Mar 2013 04:55
It seems that lots of people can solve this problem with hashing. Well, I'm using 64 bit hashing and am using sufficiently large prime p (I'm using the usual polynomial hashing i.e. s[0]+s[1]*p+s[2]*p*p ...). I have tried 5 different p's and I'm always catching collisions at test 52 !!! I added code to check for collision and keep working with a different random chosen p ... and now I get TL !!!

My question is: what is the smart solution to the problem that I have? What hashing have you used?

To admins: How can you guys make solutions with random p get collisions? That's probably a really good test. I know how to build anti-hash for certain p, but I cannot imagine a test that hacks 10 random p's in a row. Good job! Or more like "my solution sucks" :)
Re: Hashing ...
Posted by Alexey Dergunov [Samara SAU] 22 Mar 2013 11:38
Re: Hashing ...
Posted by QProgS 23 Nov 2013 18:00
QProgS    1517. Свобода выбора    Visual C++ 2010    Accepted 0.656    9 720 КБ
Accepted with double hashing )

Edited by author 23.11.2013 18:01