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Discussion of Problem 1549. Another Japanese Puzzle

Is the answer of second sample impossible?
Posted by Beqa Lomitashvili [Freeuni] 24 Oct 2013 23:14
49 3
I mean, FRRR or FLLL or FLFLLF could return us to the base,
it also doesn't violate any of two rules:
1. The total number of letters F must not exceed S and 2. the total number of letters L and R must not exceed T

are there any more restrictions???
Re: Is the answer of second sample impossible?
Posted by 👨🏻‍💻 Spatarel Dan Constantin 6 Sep 2019 00:05
The problem asks: "What is the longest closed path that you can assemble?"

Your examples are not closed loops. The first and last squares, although they are neighbours, they don't match their path endings.