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Discussion of Problem 1510. Order

To admins (idea about new problem)
Posted by vortexxx192 [ONPU] 11 Jan 2014 08:17
That is no surprise for you that O(N*logN) solution using C++ map<int, int> fits in 1 second perfectly.
An idea is to create a problem "Order: version 2" with lower time limit (0.5 sec or something like that) and, maybe, higher amount of input. For what? Just for saying "YOU SHALL NOT PASS"© to O(N*logN) solutions and giving a chance only to O(N) algorithms (like Boyer-Moore Majority Vote Algorithm). And difficulty, of course, should be increased correspondingly.
Thanks for attention. Long live Timus!

Edited by author 11.01.2014 08:22
Re: To admins (idea about new problem)
Posted by BillSu 28 Apr 2014 15:02
Looks like they take your advice, although not exactly.
But not we can not get pass by using map.