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Discussion of Problem 1930. Ivan's Car

If you're using BFS :D
Posted by GastonFontenla 2 Aug 2015 15:05
If you are using BFS, use a adjacency list. It's faster for finding the adjacents nodes. You too should use a "direccion list". It has the same size that the adjacency list, but it's filled with boolean values. For example, in the adjacency list of the node 1, you have nodes 2 3 4. If you need to go uphill from 1 to 2, in the correspondant place of the 2, you should write a 1, and if you need to go downhill, a 0. This is how I solved. I was stuck on time limit when I was using the same format of given data, but later I understood that the adjacency list it's very faster than 2 cols matrix (faster, but uses a lot more memory). Good luck, and try all the test posted in discussion.