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Discussion of Problem 2002. Test Task

WA 3
Posted by Alexander_Fedotov_TverSU 2 Aug 2016 21:55
Help me please.. Why WA 3?
I "Use this letter as a formal description of the algorithm and follow the described format of system messages" and still get Wrong Answer..

This test is correct?

login a 1
fail: no such user
logout a
fail: no such user
register a 1
success: new user added
login a 1
success: user logged in
login a 1
fail: already logged in
login a 2
fail: incorrect password
register a 2
fail: user already exist

Maybe you tell a counterexample or hint?


Edited by author 02.08.2016 21:56
Re: WA 3
Posted by Oleg Baskakov 2 Aug 2016 22:32
Your last row is:
fail: user already exist
Correct one is:
fail: user already exists

Pay attention. Other than that, test seems ok to me.
Re: WA 3
Posted by Alexander_Fedotov_TverSU 2 Aug 2016 23:44
Oh, god...
Thank you, Oleg!

I got AC.