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Discussion of Problem 1280. Topological Sorting

Can anyone explain 1# test case?
Posted by Just_do_it 8 Feb 2017 10:14
in 1 test case we can't determine whether subject 3 should be earlier than 4 or 4 than 3, because there's isn't any edge that show which one should be sdutied ealrier, why answer is YES???? I think if we can't verify it answer should be NO
Re: Can anyone explain 1# test case?
Posted by Oleg Baskakov 8 Feb 2017 13:01
Verify correctness = see if there's such a pair in the first list, that goes in reverse order on the second list. For test 2 it's pairs (3 5), (5 2), (4 2), for test 1 there's no such pairs.