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Discussion of Problem 1987. Nested Segments

Help me
Posted by Unsocial_A 19 Sep 2018 22:34
How can I solve this problem by using segment tree??
Re: Help me
Posted by Didi (OSU11) 15 Oct 2018 17:14
It was uneasy, but I did it! 3 days of thinking left. I use array of ranges. Each range is both-direction (parent-child) tree. I crossed the input 3 times (for read data, for evaluate a length of each subnode, for build array of ranges.
I had such problems, such as TLE (I solved it with refusing of lists, I use child array[10^5] for each node). I get MLE-Memory limit exception (It solved with evaluate of node length O(n). it was hard!).
The tree was a genious idea! But I had TLE, becouse I ran from 0 to ChildArr.Length everytime. I need in dynamically an BeginChildId for each parent. TLE went away from my eyes!
4 cycle has Mx(crossing the ranges) complexity. I used a PrevOtr object. 1 query could to have 1 or 2 ranges (begin of 2 range, so keep in mind! You must understand that).
That is part of FindNode function  code:
                prv = null;
                for (int i = inner.BegChild; i < inner.ChildN//inner.Childs.Count()
                    ; i++)
                    if (query >= inner.Childs[i].X && query <= inner.Childs[i].Y)
                        prv = inner.Childs[i];
                            inner.BegChild = i;
                if (prv != null)
                    inner = prv;
            while (prv != null);

Edited by author 15.10.2018 17:15