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Discussion of Problem 1589. Sokoban

Any other suggestion?
Posted by adityarev 17 Apr 2019 16:35
Hi guys, i've tried to solve this problem with A*. I came with pull distance as heuristic and calculate the distance table with Floyd's algorithm. I also have put deadlock detector (for Simple and Frozen) on my code. Is there something i miss? Or do you have any other suggestion?

I am very happy if i can discuss with you guys. Thanks before for your help :)
Re: Any other suggestion?
Posted by 🦄Imosk72🦄∭GTGU∭ 5 Jun 2019 12:53
I know some interesting optimisations which helped me get TLE 78 but I don't understand how to use A* in this problem. Let's discuss it. My email is imoskovchenko72@gmail.com