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Discussion of Problem 2102. Michael and Cryptography

To admins
Posted by Sergei Barannikov 19 Oct 2019 09:51
Please add the following testcase:

869637034218881024 = 2^18 * 1806487 * 1836383

The answer should be "Yes". My solution prints "No" and nevertheless has AC.
Re: To admins
Posted by lnxdx 29 Oct 2019 00:24
Thank you! Good test.
I found another good one. 999979520100663296. I think it's stronger.
However I got AC before, but i was looking for a good test.

Edited by author 29.10.2019 00:37
Re: To admins
Posted by melkiy 3 May 2024 17:22
One of the largest allowed numbers
999999999987679232 = 2^19 * 1907348632789
where the second multiplier is a prime number.