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Discussion of Problem 2129. Mortgage in Far Away Kingdom

Is there faster solution
Posted by DarksideCoder 9 Mar 2022 07:22
My solution is O(tl^3logn) , but its performance is good.
Re: Is there faster solution
Posted by __Andrewy__ 17 Mar 2022 18:31
could you describe your solution? my algo O(logn * l^3 * t) has TL(
i try to find solution like this: dp[i, a, l] , i is bit number, a is addition to i-bit, l is lost count
Re: Is there faster solution
Posted by Harkonnen 7 Aug 2022 09:47
Yes, there is. (L^2)*log(N) solution (0.187 sec). I DP on total amount of coins and amount of extra coins for next denomination (the latter is used to know how much more can I push forward when I advance a digit). The first index always increases by K-1, the second always increases by K, so it's kind of diagonal partial summing up matrix to itself. If you precalculate reachable sums properly, you can perform DP transfer in O(L^2).