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Discussion of Problem 2152. Tax Fees

Posted by __Andrewy__ 19 Mar 2022 14:57
i use python so long arithmetics is not problem for me
i use greedy algo and try to replace digit to 9
i want to see test
Re: WA5
Posted by __Andrewy__ 19 Mar 2022 17:11
How to solve problem without long arithmetics?
Re: WA5
Posted by Nikita Pashmentov (Vologda ML, MIPT) 18 Jun 2022 20:05
The main idea of this test following in sorting relative fees instead of absolute fees.

Simple example:
2 1
10 10 1 1
999990 1
100 1

The first package has huge absolute value of fees ((999999 - 10) * 1), but it adds only 9 credits to the initial fees.

Edited by author 18.06.2022 20:06