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Discussion of Problem 1220. Stacks

Posted by Apkawa 16 Jun 2022 09:46
I created every stack using pointers, but nodes in this stack saved data of ten last pushed elements, not of one last. So this is a stack of arrays and not the stack of single elements. Also I had an additional array of int[1000], that showed how many positions in last node of each stack is already used.

Conclusion: you need to do such a struct of that has an array of ten elements and a pointer to previous node. On every push-call you should create another node(if previous is full) and add an element on the first open space of node, then increase the number of used positions. On every pop-call you should go to previous node and delete current node(if current node is empty) and print the last element of node, then decrease the number of used positions.

Hope it'll help you. And I apologize for my poor english)