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Discussion of Problem 1358. Cables

Great task
Posted by FaNato4kA_TiMoFeYa 4 May 2024 20:08
Re: Great task
Posted by FaNato4kA_TiMoFeYa 4 May 2024 20:17
It would be interesting to solve such a problem on an arbitrary graph (not a tree) or to say that there is no solution for such a graph.
Re: Great task
Posted by soldSoulToTheGame 26 May 2024 21:19
it is well known problem. but its hard to implement. You should find a clique of size 5 or complete bipartite subgraph with size (3, 3). There is no solution if and only if there exist such subgraph or topologicaly equal to that(other vertex can adjust 2 dif. vertexes of such subgraph). I took lectures about that a long time ago. Can't find source now.

Edited by author 26.05.2024 21:22