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Discussion of Problem 1159. Fence

Can someone help me with this problem? :) (-)
Posted by Miguel Angel 24 Nov 2002 06:52
I'll try
Posted by WAZZAP 7 Dec 2002 17:18
The resulting polygon must fir-in the circle. You only need to
determine circle radius and to check for possibility of the polygon
existance (extended triangle inequality).

To determine radiuse something like binary search is used. System of
equations is very simple and is solved that way.

Tip: be careful with the test when the center of circle is outside of

P.S. Sorry for bad mathematical english...
Re: Can someone help me with this problem? :) (-)
Posted by s lee 12 May 2003 13:56
> It's clear that the area is a convex polygon,and all its vertexs
share a comman circle.