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How to write Kotlin solutions

Kotlin programs are compiled on the server by the Kotlin command line compiler 1.9.22. The compiler is invoked with the following parameters:

kotlinc Main.kt -jvm-target 1.8

Solutions are executed by the Java 8 interpreter:

java -client -Xmx544m -Xss64m -DONLINE_JUDGE
    -classpath .;kotlin-stdlib.jar;kotlin-reflect.jar MainKt

You can find the compiler here.


package declaration is not supported.

Examples of solving a problem

A sample solution for 1000. A + B problem in Kotlin:

fun main(args: Array<String>) {
   val (x, y) = readLine()!!.split(' ').map(String::toInt)
   println(x + y)

Or even shorter:

fun main(args: Array<String>) =
   print(readLine()!!.split(' ').map(String::toInt).sum())

A sample solution for 1001. Reverse Root in Kotlin:

fun main(args: Array<String>) {
   val nums = mutableListOf<Double>()
   while (true) {
      nums +=
         (readLine() ?: break)
            .split(' ')
            .filter { !it.isEmpty() }
            .map { it.toDouble() }
       .forEach { println(Math.sqrt(it)) }

Or once again in a single operator:

fun main(args: Array<String>) =
   generateSequence { readLine() }
      .takeWhile { true }
      .map { a -> a.split(' ').filter(String::isNotEmpty).toMutableList() }
      .fold(mutableListOf<String>(), { a, b -> (a + b).toMutableList() })
      .map { x -> Math.sqrt(x) }

Earlier compilers

  • Kotlin 1.1.4 was used until September, 1 2020.
  • Kotlin 1.4.0 was used until January, 22 2024.