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1286. Starship Travel

Time limit: 1.0 second
Memory limit: 64 MB
It is well known that a starship equipped with class B hyperengine is able to travel from any planet to any other planet. But your starship got severe damage in the last travel and now its movement ability is limited. The starship’s technician determined that with the damaged hyperengine the vehicle can move from a point with coordinates (i,j) only to a point from the following list: (i+qj+p), (iqj+p), (i+qjp), (iqjp), (i+pj+q), (ipj+q), (i+pjq), (ipjq) (all the coordinates here are integers and are given in the standard intergalaxy system). Help the captain of your ship to find out if the ship is able to reach the destination planet on its own or a repair ship must be called.


The first line contains two integers p and q (the two remaining discrete power rates of the damaged hyperengine) separated with a space. The second line contains the coordinates of the point where the spaceship is now. The third line contains the coordinates of the destination planet. The numbers in the second and third lines are also separated with spaces. All the numbers are integers and do not exceed 2·109 in absolute value.


If the commander can move the damaged starship to the destination planet, write ‘YES’. Write ‘NO’ if a repair ship must be called.


4 6
0 0
10 10
4 6
0 0
9 9
Problem Author: Alexander Klepinin
Problem Source: USU Personal Contest 2004