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1776. Anniversary Firework

Time limit: 1.0 second
Memory limit: 64 MB
Denis has to prepare the Ural State University 90th anniversary firework. He bought n rockets and started to think of the way he should launch them. After a pair of sleepless nights he invented the following algorithm.
All n rockets are placed on the surface in a single line. The interval between two consecutive salvos is ten seconds. The leftmost and the rightmost rocket are launched in the first salvo. After i salvos are fired, all non-empty segments between two neighboring launched rockets are considered. One rocket is chosen randomly and uniformly at each of these segments. All chosen rockets are launched in the (i + 1)-st salvo. Algorithm runs until all rockets are launched.
Calculate the average duration in seconds of such a firework.


The only input line contains an integer n (3 ≤ n ≤ 400), which is the number of rockets bought by Denis.


Output the expected duration of the firework in seconds, with absolute or relative error not exceeding 10−6.




First, the rockets with numbers 1 and 5 are launched. 10 seconds later the rocket 3 is launched with probability 1/3; in that case, 10 more seconds later the rockets 2 and 4 are launched, and the firework is over after 20 seconds. In case the rocket 2 or rocket 4 is launched in the second salvo (this happens with probability 2/3), the firework is over after 30 seconds.
Problem Author: Alex Samsonov
Problem Source: XV Open USU Championship