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2028. URCAPL, Episode 2

Time limit: 1.0 second
Memory limit: 64 MB
Attention: before solving this problem, read the problem “URCAPL, Episode 1”.
In the problem “URCAPL, Episode 1” you were asked to write an interpreter for the programming language described in that problem. Here we suggest you to solve a problem using URCAPL. Since the language is new to you, the problem will be very easy. Your URCAPL program should find the sum of all integers from 1 to n. Its input will be an integer n (1 ≤ n ≤ 100), and the program should output one integer, which is the required sum.
Your solution should produce an URCAPL program that solves the above problem. The program will be executed by an interpreter described in the problem “URCAPL, Episode 1.” Your solution will get “Wrong answer” in any of the following cases:
  1. The program contains operators that are illegal in URCAPL.
  2. The program terminates with an error.
  3. The program outputs an incorrect answer.


This problem has only one test. It contains the phrase «Good luck!» (without quotation marks) in its only line. You may not read it.
Note that you can test your solution using the interpreter written for the problem “URCAPL, Episode 1” by running it on the following test:


In the first line output integers H and W, which are the dimensions of your URCAPL program (1 ≤ H, W ≤ 100). Then output a table consisting of H rows and W columns, which is an URCAPL program solving the above problem. If the problem has several solutions, you can output any of them. It is guaranteed that there exists at least one solution.


Good luck!
4 6


The sample is given to show the output format only. The program does not solve the problem. You can verify it yourself.
Problem Author: Kirill Borozdin
Problem Source: Ural Regional School Programming Contest 2014