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Ural Championship 2008

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E. Tram Forum

Time limit: 0.5 second
Memory limit: 64 MB
Tram, trolleybus, and bus drivers talk at the tram forum. We have read all messages posted at the forum during last month and discovered an interesting rule. Users in whose messages the word “tram” occurs more often than the word “trolleybus” are tram drivers. Similarly, users in whose messages the word “trolleybus” is more frequent than the word “tram” are trolleybus drivers. All other users of the tram forum are bus drivers. Given this information, can you determine who has posted the latest message at the tram forum?


You are given the latest message at the tram forum. The message consists of lowercase English letters, spaces, line breaks, and punctuation marks: periods, commas, dashes, colons, and exclamation and question marks. The total length of the message is at most 10000 symbols. Words consist of letters and can be separated by spaces, line breaks, and punctuation marks.


Output “Tram driver” if the user who has posted the latest message is a tram driver; output “Trolleybus driver” if she is a trolleybus driver; and output “Bus driver” if she is a bus driver.


of course, tram is the best transport
in the world!
Tram driver
yes, yekaterinburg trams are the
best trams in the world, but
i like my trolleybus too.
Trolleybus driver
read forum.tr.ru every day!
you can learn much about tram 
drivers and trolleybus drivers.
Bus driver
Problem Author: Alexander Ipatov (prepared by Denis Musin)
Problem Source: The 12th Urals Collegiate Programing Championship, March 29, 2008
To submit the solution for this problem go to the Problem set: 1612. Tram Forum