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Problem set. Volume 3


1200Horns and HoofsUSU Local Contest. March 20021780250

1201Which Day Is It?USU Local Contest. March 20021272349

1202Rectangles TravelUSU Local Contest. March 2002983450

1203Scientific ConferenceUSU Local Contest. March 2002509788

1204IdempotentsUSU Local Contest. March 20021956227

1205By the Underground or by Foot?USU Local Contest. March 20021906233

1206Sum of Digits of the Sum of NumbersUSU Local Contest. March 20023699121

1207Median on the PlaneUSU Local Contest. March 20022128209

1208Legendary Teams ContestUSU Local Contest. March 20022106211

12091, 10, 100, 1000...Autumn School Contest 20021217737

1210Kind SpiritsAutumn School Contest 20023041148

1211Collective GuaranteeAutumn School Contest 20021383324

1212BattleshipAutumn School Contest 2002888502

1213Cockroaches!Autumn School Contest 20022672168

1214Strange ProcedureAutumn School Contest 20024469101

1215Exactness of Projectile HitAutumn School Contest 20021502298

1216Two Pawns and One KingUSU Championship 20022122033

1217Unlucky TicketsUSU Championship 20021106404

1218Episode N-th: The Jedi TournamentUSU Championship 20021370327

1219Symbolic SequenceUSU Championship 20023867116

1220StacksUSU Championship 20021606279

1221Malevich Strikes Back!USU Championship 20021072417

1222Chernobyl’ EaglesUSU Championship 20023229139

1223Chernobyl’ Eagle on a RoofUSU Championship 20021397321

1224SpiralNEERC 2002 Central Subregional666368

1225FlagsNEERC 2002 Central Subregional1191838

1226esreveR redrONEERC 2002 Central Subregional4047111

1227Rally ChampionshipNEERC 2002 Central Subregional1443311

1228ArrayNEERC 2002 Central Subregional4325104

1229Strong BrickworkNEERC 2002 Central Subregional1156387

1230Introspective ProgramNEERC 2002 Central Subregional602738

1231Turing: One, Two, Three, …NEERC 2002 Central Subregional2012140

1232Asteroid LandingNEERC 2002 Central Subregional1862304

1233Amusing NumbersNEERC 2002469944

1234BricksNEERC 2002670665

1235Cricket FieldNEERC 2002589755

1236Decoding TaskNEERC 2002891502

1237Evacuation PlanNEERC 2002463957

1238FoldingNEERC 20021029436

1239Ghost BustersNEERC 20021432956

1240Heroes of Might and MagicNEERC 20023061431

1241Inlay CuttersNEERC 20022621664

1242WerewolfUSU Personal Contest 20032179207

1243Divorce of the Seven DwarfsUSU Personal Contest 2003888551

1244GentlemenUSU Personal Contest 20031700265

1245PicturesUSU Personal Contest 2003481924

1246Tethered DogUSU Personal Contest 20031324340

1247Check a SequenceUSU Personal Contest 20031896238

1248Sequence SumUSU Personal Contest 2003687651

1249Ancient NecropolisUSU Local Contest. March 20032120213

1250Sea BurialUSU Local Contest. March 2003629711

1251Cemetery ManagerUSU Local Contest. March 20032801566

1252Sorting the TombstonesUSU Local Contest. March 20031108406

1253NecrologuesUSU Local Contest. March 2003661677

1254Die HardUSU Local Contest. March 2003690649

1255Graveyard of the Cosa NostraUSU Local Contest. March 20031684268

1256Cemetery GuardUSU Local Contest. March 20031862317

1257HyphenationAutumn School Contest 20032581709

1258PoolAutumn School Contest 20031080420

1259How to Become Star?Autumn School Contest 20031169388

1260Nudnik PhotographerAutumn School Contest 20034064112

1261TipsAutumn School Contest 20031343338

1262Pseudo-Roman NumberAutumn School Contest 20031209376

1263ElectionsAutumn School Contest 20031037344

1264WorkdaysAutumn School Contest 20031954623

1265MirrorUSU Championship 20032971492

1266Kirchhoff's LawUSU Championship 20033001478

1267Yekaterinburg SubwayUSU Championship 20032231966

1268Little ChuUSU Championship 2003595757

1269Obscene Words FilterUSU Championship 2003517869

1270UnicubeUSU Championship 20031782437

1271Sailing DirectionsUSU Championship 2003874723

1272Non-Yekaterinburg SubwayUSU Championship 20032973154

1273TieUSU Championship 2003957474

1274Fractional ArithmeticNEERC 2003 Central Subregional656688

1275Knights of the Round TableNEERC 2003 Central Subregional1612681

1276TrainNEERC 2003 Central Subregional573786

1277Cops and ThievesNEERC 2003 Central Subregional574785

1278“… Connecting People”NEERC 2003 Central Subregional452992

1279WarehouseNEERC 2003 Central Subregional1086418

1280Topological SortingNEERC 2003 Central Subregional3116147

1281River BasinNEERC 2003 Central Subregional3191393

1282Game TreeNEERC 2003 Central Subregional1347338

1283DwarfUSU Personal Contest 20043818120

1284Space PokerUSU Personal Contest 20041862349

1285Thread in a HyperspaceUSU Personal Contest 20042461798

1286Starship TravelUSU Personal Contest 2004666681

1287Mars CanalsUSU Personal Contest 20041195382

1288AstrolocationUSU Personal Contest 20041982213

1289One Way TicketUSU Personal Contest 20041178388

1290SabotageSpring School Contest 2004577680

1291Gear-wheelsSpring School Contest 20041140401

1292Mars Space StationsSpring School Contest 20041248366

1293EniyaSpring School Contest 20042819116

1294Mars SatellitesSpring School Contest 20041476310

1295Crazy NotionsSpring School Contest 20043004153

1296HyperjumpSpring School Contest 2004511090

1297PalindromeSpring School Contest 2004536386

1298KnightSpring School Contest 20041789256

1299PsyloniansSpring School Contest 20043021476