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Problem set. Problems for Beginners


1000A+B Problem10135116

1001Reverse Root3157814

1005Stone PileUSU Championship 19971866780

1014Product of DigitsUSU Local Contest. 19991581594

1020RopeAutumn School Contest 20001499999

1025Democracy in DangerAutumn School Contest 20002223267

1044Lucky Tickets. Easy!USU Championship 200012211120


1079MaximumWinter Mathematical Festival Varna 200112025109

1082Gaby IvanushkaSpring School Contest 200110693122

1083Factorials!!!Spring School Contest 20011940767

1086CryptographySpring School Contest 200112351106

1149Sinus Dances798560

1197Lonesome KnightSpring School Contest 20021725928

12091, 10, 100, 1000...Autumn School Contest 20021404235

1264WorkdaysAutumn School Contest 20032291722

1293EniyaSpring School Contest 20043327515

1313Some Words about SportUral Championship 2004. Round 11440034

1319HotelUral Championship 2004. Round 21272939

1409Two GangstersAutumn School Contest 20053189416

1545HieroglyphsUral Championship 2007883150

1563BayanUSU Championship 2007793054

1585PenguinsNEERC 2007 Eastern Subregional1117138

1638BookwormUSU Championship 2008601666

1877Bicycle CodesUral Regional School Programming Contest 20111608919

2001Mathematicians and BerriesUral Regional School Programming Contest 20131159721

2012About Grisha N.NEERC 2014 Eastern Subregional1376916

2023Donald is a postmanNEERC 2014 Eastern Subregional611037

2056ScholarshipUral Championship 2015500042

2066Simple ExpressionUral Regional School Programming Contest 2015740027

2111PlatoUniversity academic school olympiad in informatics 2019179066

2138The Good, the Bad and the UglyUral School Programming Contest 20191056100

2142MagicUral School Programming Contest 2019921114

2149Pigeonhole PrincipleUral School Programming Contest 2019797132