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Problem set. Dynamic Programming Problems


1225FlagsNEERC 2002 Central Subregional1316236

1119MetroAutumn School Contest 2001654272

1146Maximum SumDSAP Vietnam Online Contest November 2001594079

1203Scientific ConferenceUSU Local Contest. March 2002562884

1009K-based NumbersUSU Championship 19971580193

2018The Debut AlbumNEERC 2014 Eastern Subregional2119100

1353Milliard Vasya's FunctionSpring School Contest 20054707104

1260Nudnik PhotographerAutumn School Contest 20034381110

1167Bicolored HorsesRomanian Online Contest December 20013493135

1073Square CountryUSU Personal Contest 20019069144

1586Threeprime NumbersNEERC 2007 Eastern Subregional2902144

1017StaircasesUSU Local Contest. 19999466154

1152False MirrorsUral Championship 2001. Round 23012156

1012K-based Numbers. Version 28353175

1303Minimal CoverageUral Championship 19982657183

2072Kirill the Gardener 3Ural Regional School Programming Contest 20151004184

1013K-based Numbers. Version 31136188

1635Mnemonics and PalindromesUSU Championship 20081986193

1183Brackets SequenceNEERC 20012429194

1658Sum of DigitsNEERC 2008 Eastern Subregional1946196

2141Sasha VilkinUral School Programming Contest 2019420213

1244GentlemenUSU Personal Contest 20031874255

1081Binary Lexicographic SequenceWinter Mathematical Festival Varna 20014959260

1501Sense of BeautyNEERC 2006 Eastern Subregional1715264

1117HierarchyAutumn School Contest 20011720272

1018Binary Apple TreeUSU Local Contest. 19995332273

1741Communication FiendUSU Championship 20091274274

1346Intervals of MonotonicityUSU Championship 20041656296

1223Chernobyl’ Eagle on a RoofUSU Championship 20021601297

1036Lucky Tickets4873298

1495One-two, One-two 2Autumn School Contest 20061341338

1029MinistryUral Championship 19993678343

1078SegmentsWinter Mathematical Festival Varna 20013748344

1427SMSTimus Top Coders: First Challenge1314364

1031Railway TicketsUral Championship 19993872375

1287Mars CanalsUSU Personal Contest 20041288375

1513Lemon TaleTimus Top Coders: Third Challenge1185376

1039Anniversary PartyUSU Championship 20003814377

1410CrackUSU Championship 20051266386

1326Bottle TapsUral Championship 2004. Round 21185408

1221Malevich Strikes Back!USU Championship 20021124422

1238FoldingNEERC 20021124423

1776Anniversary FireworkUral SU Championship 2010722442

1362Classmates 2Ural Championship 2005. Round 21091448

1577E-mailAutumn School Contest 2007875475

1900Brainwashing DeviceUral Championship 2012537486

1437Gasoline StationUSU Personal Contest 2006961495

1371Cargo AgencyUral Championship 2005. Round 1913536

1172Ship RoutesRomanian Online Contest December 2001852548

1389RoadworksPetrozavodsk Summer 2005. Moscow+Ural Contest853573

2143Victoria!Ural School Programming Contest 2019145592

1452Pascal vs. C++Timus Top Coders: Second Challenge765612

1463Happiness to People!Petrozavodsk Winter 2006. USU Contest738618

1611DecimationUral Championship 2008562707

1342EnterpriseUSU Championship 2004637761

1716Alternative SolutionNEERC 2009 Eastern Subregional453765

1276TrainNEERC 2003 Central Subregional621769

1745Yet Another AnswerPetrozavodsk Summer 2009. Ufa SATU Contest410822

2129Mortgage in Far Away KingdomLater is better than never102865

1696Salary for RobotsPetrozavodsk Winter 2009. USU Contest419868

1570Eating HighUSU Championship 2007458899

1965Pear TreesUral FU Personal Contest 2013244972

1887Frequent Flyer CardNEERC 2011 Eastern Subregional2801009

1472Martian ArmyPetrozavodsk Summer 2006. Ural+Orel Contest4211063

1627JoinPetrozavodsk Winter 2008. ITMO Contest3571066

1310ACM DiagnosticsUral Championship 2004. Round 14381089

2157SkydivingUral School Programming Contest 2020451161

1552BrainfuckPetrozavodsk Summer 2007. NSU Contest3531163

1171Lost in SpaceRomanian Online Contest December 20013661257

1476Lunar CodePetrozavodsk Summer 2006. Ural+Orel Contest3441294

1526Martian PlatesPetrozavodsk Winter 2007. D.Gozman Contest3211339

1459Archer's TravelPetrozavodsk Winter 2006. USU Contest2691658

1267Yekaterinburg SubwayUSU Championship 20032501865

1655Somali PiratesNEERC 2008 Eastern Subregional1851971

1739FaryuksUSU Championship 20091632036

1895Steaks on BoardNEERC 2011 Eastern Subregional1312075