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Problem set. Data Structures Problems


1003ParityCentral European Olympiad in Informatics 19993597382

1019Line PaintingUSU Local Contest. 19993102441

1028StarsUral Championship 19995163264

1037Memory ManagementUSU Championship 20001779757

1067Disk TreeNEERC 20002305546

1090In the Army NowUSU Local Contest. March 20013234353

1097Square Country 2USU Local Contest. March 20018081401

1100Final StandingsTetrahedron Team Online Contest May 2001957346

1126Magnetic StormsUSU Championship 20014355102

1147Shaping RegionsDSAP Vietnam Online Contest November 2001545801

1220StacksUSU Championship 20021607279

1251Cemetery ManagerUSU Local Contest. March 20032801566

1306Sequence MedianUral Championship 19983134147

1316Electronic AuctionUral Championship 2004. Round 11031443

1350CanteenSpring School Contest 20051181392

1369Cockroach RaceUral Championship 2005. Round 22314148

1414Astronomical DatabaseUSU Championship 20051014456

1424MinibusTimus Top Coders: First Challenge610734

1439Battle with You-Know-WhoUral Championship 2006954467

1470UFOsPetrozavodsk Summer 2006. Ural+Orel Contest1674255

1471Distance in the TreePetrozavodsk Summer 2006. Ural+Orel Contest2044209

1494MonobilliardsAutumn School Contest 20062648161

1521War Games 2Timus Top Coders: Third Challenge1678249

1523K-inversionsPetrozavodsk Winter 2007. D.Gozman Contest1302316

1542AutocompletionUral Championship 2007624643

1553Caves and TunnelsPetrozavodsk Summer 2007. NSU Contest1170332

1560Elementary Symmetric FunctionsPetrozavodsk Summer 2007. NSU Contest386990

1613For Fans of StatisticsUral Championship 20082401155

1628White StreaksUSU Championship 2008812431

1650BillionairesNEERC 2008 Eastern Subregional747465

1654Cipher MessageNEERC 2008 Eastern Subregional583760

1671Anansi's CobwebPetrozavodsk Summer 2008. USU Contest2495138

1682Crazy ProfessorUSU Personal Contest 2009613547

1701Ostap and PartnersUral Championship 2009548605

1707Hypnotoad's SecretUral Championship 20091711866

1717Eligibility RulesNEERC 2009 Eastern Subregional1252374

1752Tree 2Petrozavodsk Summer 2009. Ufa SATU Contest938328

1772Ski-Trails for RobotsUral Championship 2010424701

1841CablewaysPetrozavodsk Summer 2010. USU Contest1182025

1855Trade Guilds of ErathiaPetrozavodsk Summer 2011. Ural SU Team.GOV Contest1981243

1890Money out of Thin AirNEERC 2011 Eastern Subregional557451

1896War Games 2.1121996

1977Energy WallUral Championship 2013792295

1987Nested SegmentsUral FU Championship 20131024192

2014Zhenya moves from parentsNEERC 2014 Eastern Subregional361462

2042NikitaPetrozavodsk Summer 2014. Ural FU Dandelion Contest254823

2062Ambitious ExperimentUral Regional School Programming Contest 2015411343

2075Take care of your eyebrows!Qualification of Eastern Subregional 2015442506

2096All InclusiveUral FU Personal Contest 2014372668

2114My craftUniversity academic school olympiad in informatics 201968732

2119Tree HullPetrozavodsk Summer 2018. t.me/umnik_team Contest441015

2124Algebra on SegmentPetrozavodsk Summer 2018. t.me/umnik_team Contest271481