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Problem set. Ural SU Team Contests


1005Stone PileUSU Championship 19971685285

1006Square FramesUSU Championship 19971524931

1007Code WordsUSU Championship 19973714384

1009K-based NumbersUSU Championship 19971530693

1011ConductorsUSU Championship 19975980238

1014Product of DigitsUSU Local Contest. 19991468797

1015Test the Difference!USU Local Contest. 19993294431

1016Cube on the WalkUSU Local Contest. 19991807783

1017StaircasesUSU Local Contest. 19999294153

1018Binary Apple TreeUSU Local Contest. 19995083279

1019Line PaintingUSU Local Contest. 19993209442

1037Memory ManagementUSU Championship 200012071154

1038Spell CheckerUSU Championship 20003041460

1039Anniversary PartyUSU Championship 20003726376

1040Airline CompanyUSU Championship 20001429976

1041NikiforUSU Championship 20006552112

1042Central HeatingUSU Championship 20001740803

1043Cover an ArcUSU Championship 20008731591

1044Lucky Tickets. Easy!USU Championship 200011709120

1045Funny GameUSU Local Contest. March 20002726507

1046Geometrical DreamsUSU Local Contest. March 20007501826

1047Simple CalculationsUSU Local Contest. March 20004719294

1048Superlong SumsUSU Local Contest. March 20007193192

1049Brave BalloonistsUSU Local Contest. March 20005775240

1050Preparing an ArticleUSU Local Contest. March 200010061366

1051Simple Game on a GridUSU Local Contest. March 20002750503

1052Rabbit HuntUSU Local Contest. March 20006099227

1090In the Army NowUSU Local Contest. March 20013394349

1091Tmutarakan ExamsUSU Local Contest. March 20012303514

1092TransversalUSU Local Contest. March 20015242225

1093DartsUSU Local Contest. March 20016041935

1094E-screenUSU Local Contest. March 20012705438

1095Nikifor 3USU Local Contest. March 20012128556

1096Get the Right Route Plate!USU Local Contest. March 20011727684

1097Square Country 2USU Local Contest. March 20018781338

1124MosaicUSU Championship 20011514302

1125HopscotchUSU Championship 20012015227

1126Magnetic StormsUSU Championship 2001480096

1127Colored BricksUSU Championship 20011462313

1128Partition into GroupsUSU Championship 20011109411

1129Door PaintingUSU Championship 20011030442

1130Nikifor's WalkUSU Championship 2001484931

1131CopyingUSU Championship 2001609975

1200Horns and HoofsUSU Local Contest. March 20021844250

1201Which Day Is It?USU Local Contest. March 20021304352

1202Rectangles TravelUSU Local Contest. March 20021031445

1203Scientific ConferenceUSU Local Contest. March 2002542785

1204IdempotentsUSU Local Contest. March 20022053224

1205By the Underground or by Foot?USU Local Contest. March 20022013229

1206Sum of Digits of the Sum of NumbersUSU Local Contest. March 20023851120

1207Median on the PlaneUSU Local Contest. March 20022586178

1208Legendary Teams ContestUSU Local Contest. March 20022186211

1216Two Pawns and One KingUSU Championship 20022172058

1217Unlucky TicketsUSU Championship 20021143405

1218Episode N-th: The Jedi TournamentUSU Championship 20021445321

1219Symbolic SequenceUSU Championship 20024004116

1220StacksUSU Championship 20021709272

1221Malevich Strikes Back!USU Championship 20021108418

1222Chernobyl’ EaglesUSU Championship 20023358139

1223Chernobyl’ Eagle on a RoofUSU Championship 20021503309

1249Ancient NecropolisUSU Local Contest. March 20032197213

1250Sea BurialUSU Local Contest. March 2003647715

1251Cemetery ManagerUSU Local Contest. March 20032771637

1252Sorting the TombstonesUSU Local Contest. March 20031167399

1253NecrologuesUSU Local Contest. March 2003674687

1254Die HardUSU Local Contest. March 2003724640

1255Graveyard of the Cosa NostraUSU Local Contest. March 20031725271

1256Cemetery GuardUSU Local Contest. March 20031962280

1265MirrorUSU Championship 20033051504

1266Kirchhoff's LawUSU Championship 20033131467

1267Yekaterinburg SubwayUSU Championship 20032461851

1268Little ChuUSU Championship 2003638731

1269Obscene Words FilterUSU Championship 2003549847

1270UnicubeUSU Championship 20031852429

1271Sailing DirectionsUSU Championship 2003924645

1272Non-Yekaterinburg SubwayUSU Championship 20033128151

1273TieUSU Championship 20031013463

1338AutomobilesUSU Championship 20042621770

1339BabiesUSU Championship 2004530891

1340CucarachaUSU Championship 2004884912

1341DeviceUSU Championship 20044201119

1342EnterpriseUSU Championship 2004615770

1343Fairy TaleUSU Championship 20041120426

1344Gigantic TurnipUSU Championship 2004974499

1345HTMLUSU Championship 20043381383

1346Intervals of MonotonicityUSU Championship 20041611297

1410CrackUSU Championship 20051237387

141140 Islands KnightsUSU Championship 20051463090

1412Autumn TideUSU Championship 20053131492

1413Mars JumperUSU Championship 20052742175

1414Astronomical DatabaseUSU Championship 20051085440

1415Mobile LifeUSU Championship 2005439093

1416ConfidentialUSU Championship 20051171408

1417Space Poker 2USU Championship 20052441898

1418Military StoryUSU Championship 2005530893

1419Maps of the Island WorldsUSU Championship 20053831227

1420Integer-Valued Complex DivisionUSU Championship 20052491861

1480CouponsUSU Championship 2006975452

1481Winning ChancesUSU Championship 20061752405

1482Triangle GameUSU Championship 20061323134

1483Table FootballUSU Championship 20061185372

1484Film RatingUSU Championship 2006653671

1485Football and LieUSU Championship 20062591654

1486Equal SquaresUSU Championship 2006604725

1487Chinese FootballUSU Championship 20063431261

1488ACM PokerUSU Championship 20062781545

1562GM-pineappleUSU Championship 2007979413

1563BayanUSU Championship 2007719557

1564Counting OnesUSU Championship 2007601668

1565The Duel for ThreeUSU Championship 20072261729

1566Triangular PostcardsUSU Championship 20071263001

1567SMS-spamUSU Championship 20071018740

1568Train Car SortingUSU Championship 20072441607

1569Networking the “Iset”USU Championship 20073971003

1570Eating HighUSU Championship 2007440907

1571InterpretersUSU Championship 2007926436

1628White StreaksUSU Championship 20081262293

1629TripUSU Championship 2008464787

1630TalismanUSU Championship 2008373973

1631Drunk King 2USU Championship 2008821449

1632LasersUSU Championship 2008804142

1633HippogriffsUSU Championship 2008499732

1634Spider MiteUSU Championship 20081632155

1635Mnemonics and PalindromesUSU Championship 20081924193

1636Penalty TimeUSU Championship 2008641058

1637Triangle Game 2USU Championship 20081093133

1638BookwormUSU Championship 2008551667

1732Ministry of TruthUSU Championship 2009761438

1733Forgotten TechnologyUSU Championship 2009644568

1734Endgame DatabaseUSU Championship 20091552049

1735Theft of the CenturyUSU Championship 20091102817

1736Chinese HockeyUSU Championship 20092861142

1737Mnemonics and Palindromes 3USU Championship 20091425236

1738Computer SecurityUSU Championship 2009361911

1739FaryuksUSU Championship 20091532074

1740Deer is Better!USU Championship 20092452137

1741Communication FiendUSU Championship 20091238271

1774Barber of the Army of MagesUral SU Championship 2010665457

1775Space BowlingUral SU Championship 2010357841

1776Anniversary FireworkUral SU Championship 2010702434

1777AnindilyakwaUral SU Championship 20102682115

1778Chinese Hockey 2Ural SU Championship 2010664062

1779The Great TeamUral SU Championship 2010991308

1780Gray CodeUral SU Championship 2010359837

1781Clean CodeUral SU Championship 20101451992

1782Jack's New WordUral SU Championship 20101491942

1783Nuclear Arms RaceUral SU Championship 2010706431

1784RoundersUral SU Championship 20102651123

1862Very Wealthy MoleUral FU Championship 20112351136

1863Peaceful AtomUral FU Championship 2011279963

1864Get-Together at Den'sUral FU Championship 20111754158

1865The Island of MärketUral FU Championship 2011803091

1866Poetic FootUral FU Championship 2011399680

1867NanotechnologiesUral FU Championship 20111072378

1868Prediction ContestUral FU Championship 20111960141

1869New Year CruiseUral FU Championship 20111302212

1870Zinium 2Ural FU Championship 2011442616

1871Seismic WavesUral FU Championship 2011482566

1872Spacious OfficeUral FU Championship 2011381712

1931Excellent TeamUral FU Championship 20121644150

1932The Secret of IdentifierUral FU Championship 2012277862

1933Guns for Battle!Ural FU Championship 2012678360

1934Black SpotUral FU Championship 2012761321

1935Tears of DrownedUral FU Championship 2012340972

1936RoshamboUral FU Championship 20122261048

1937Davy Jones’s OrganUral FU Championship 20122121114

1938Caribbean TriangleUral FU Championship 2012444581

1939First SealUral FU Championship 2012323743

1940Not So Simple YearsUral FU Championship 2012318754

1981Parallel and PerpendicularUral FU Championship 2013580375

1982Electrification PlanUral FU Championship 20131766125

1983Nectar GatheringUral FU Championship 20131431447

1984Dummy GuyUral FU Championship 20131225179

1985Prime SquareUral FU Championship 20131221677

1986Paul’s SaladsUral FU Championship 20132101006

1987Nested SegmentsUral FU Championship 20131316167

1988Planet Ocean LandingUral FU Championship 20132101006

1989SubpalindromesUral FU Championship 2013722302

2100Wedding DinnerUral FU Junior Championship 2016487929

2101Knight's ShieldUral FU Junior Championship 2016871458

2102Michael and CryptographyUral FU Junior Championship 20161099128

2103Corporate MailUral FU Junior Championship 20161301011

2104Game with a StripUral FU Junior Championship 2016457303

2105Alice and Bob are on BikesUral FU Junior Championship 2016617226

2106DeserializationUral FU Junior Championship 2016160832

2107Oppa Funcan StyleUral FU Junior Championship 2016951347

2108Oleg and Little PoniesUral FU Junior Championship 2016370372

2109Tourism on MarsUral FU Junior Championship 2016323425

2110Remove or MaximizeUral FU Junior Championship 2016161827