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Discussion of Problem 1542. Autocompletion

About new linesIgor Parfenov1542. Autocompletion11 Jul 2023 15:440  
if you have WA#10 try this:hoan1542. Autocompletion26 Mar 2023 18:271  
It seem like that the lenth of the words is greater than 15?zwqzwq1542. Autocompletion21 May 2021 04:341  
WA on Test 2silent82lion901542. Autocompletion5 Dec 2019 08:211  
WA#2 don't know what's the problem. HELP!ZHENG WANG1542. Autocompletion5 Dec 2019 08:201  
idk why but my code do not work on TOJ compiler but it works on my pycharm compilerOleg Bozhenov1542. Autocompletion18 Nov 2019 03:360  
TEST 3Prodip Datta1542. Autocompletion11 Sep 2018 15:520  
If you've got WA #11Pavel Khaustov [Tomsk PU]1542. Autocompletion30 Jun 2018 19:163  
How i must output anwser?Felix_Mate1542. Autocompletion25 Apr 2017 15:381  
if you have wa#1Baurzhan1542. Autocompletion22 Jul 2016 19:322  
WA2PagucT1542. Autocompletion24 Dec 2015 09:490  
Help!!!!!!!!Wa on test 11!!!!!!!Eazy jobb1542. Autocompletion19 Nov 2014 12:322  
RE2???endtimes1542. Autocompletion14 Jan 2014 17:590  
RE test#11zhuchenxi1542. Autocompletion15 Jul 2013 18:320  
Can you help me with test 9?seregacorsar1542. Autocompletion11 Mar 2013 01:170  
Can somebody tell me what to do if WA9?OwenOu1542. Autocompletion11 Aug 2012 09:330  
What about 10 test? My program here.Alexander Goncharov1542. Autocompletion6 Aug 2012 16:250  
If you have WA2#Zura Isakadze [Tbilisi SU]1542. Autocompletion23 May 2012 01:020  
Unclear problem statementDenis Koshman1542. Autocompletion12 Aug 2011 19:082  
any hint about how to avoid MLE?fOrgIvE1542. Autocompletion3 May 2011 15:403  

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