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AcceeptedViktor Krivoshchekov`~1348. Goat in the Garden 22 Mar 2019 19:200  
Why ans is not 2?Rustam_SBOne1104. Don’t Ask Woman about Her Age2 Mar 2019 18:301  
easy solution in c++Yucheng1084. Goat in the Garden2 Mar 2019 14:500  
SIRIUSAnti Sirius2025. Line Fighting1 Mar 2019 21:453  
Hint for WA6Leonid (SLenik) Andrievskiy1612. Tram Forum1 Mar 2019 15:274  
GOOD peoples Please help me :(Enigma [UB of TUIT]1671. Anansi's Cobweb28 Feb 2019 16:145  
Everybody who get confused on this problem should look at this!!Drayd1067. Disk Tree28 Feb 2019 08:503  
easy solution in c++Yucheng1319. Hotel27 Feb 2019 15:130  
TLE on #39Barish_Namazov2102. Michael and Cryptography27 Feb 2019 12:563  
My STRANGE but ACed algorithm198808xc1396. Maximum. Version 226 Feb 2019 21:391  
test#1. Why?Igor1712. Cipher Grille26 Feb 2019 13:290  
Test 7decay2107. Oppa Funcan Style25 Feb 2019 19:250  
WA #30megatron741637. Triangle Game 225 Feb 2019 12:561  
WA 23 .... wth is this. -_- Mewtwo1494. Monobilliards24 Feb 2019 01:324  
hint and testOtabek Toshkanov1494. Monobilliards24 Feb 2019 01:312  
why wa it's ok verious inputINFINITE2012. About Grisha N.23 Feb 2019 21:320  
5 test? cSanchir1243. Divorce of the Seven Dwarfs23 Feb 2019 17:100  
WA #5. Some tests is neededRakovets Alex1210. Kind Spirits23 Feb 2019 11:585  
WA #9Sunkyu Hwang1210. Kind Spirits23 Feb 2019 11:572  
Не принимаетSkrom1820. Ural Steaks23 Feb 2019 07:465  

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