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binary searchAnwar1486. Equal Squares5 Jun 2020 16:062  
TestsFATNOT1918. Titan Ruins: Artful Manipulations5 Jun 2020 12:351  
памагите helpБогдан1877. Bicycle Codes5 Jun 2020 12:272  
(SPOILER) My solutionAlikhan Zimanov1713. Key Substrings5 Jun 2020 11:381  
WA4?Михаил2139. Experiment with Juice5 Jun 2020 01:142  
My wrong solution got acceptedNanami_chan1078. Segments4 Jun 2020 23:111  
HintPrankMaN1101. Robot in the Field3 Jun 2020 22:551  
Is there actually an O(N^5) solution?PrankMaN1452. Pascal vs. C++1 Jun 2020 14:261  
using sieve method in c++..Shuvro Chandra Das1086. Cryptography1 Jun 2020 10:481  
Пишите краткое содержание в таких задачах👑OmegaLuL230👑1700. Awakening30 May 2020 02:231  
WrongAnswer #28GOR ABELYAN2102. Michael and Cryptography29 May 2020 13:264  
HintMickkie2132. Graph Decomposition. Version 229 May 2020 00:501  
Some test casesSmilodon_am [Obninsk INPE]2048. History27 May 2020 11:323  
WA #17Lebedev_Nicolay[Ivanovo SPU]1774. Barber of the Army of Mages27 May 2020 01:333  
how to solve this problim with geometric way?vnyemets1956. Fire Signals26 May 2020 12:192  
(to Admin) What correct answer for 1 2 2? 1 10 10?maslowmw1114. Boxes26 May 2020 00:061  
WA#13nirkhut1052. Rabbit Hunt24 May 2020 13:571  
Hint for checking if two segments are parallelPrankMaN1927. Herbs and Magic24 May 2020 04:141  
WA4 pls give testAndrey Ladeyschikov2112. Battle log23 May 2020 16:434  
What's wrong with my Test 2?Garin1036. Lucky Tickets23 May 2020 10:156  

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