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WA 32 ...why this method is wrongSagar Goyal2034. Caravans8 Aug 2022 14:411  
when it may be «It is a lie!».McArchuk1731. Dill8 Aug 2022 11:126  
WA10markopetkovic3591580. Dean's Debts8 Aug 2022 09:204  
HintHarkonnen1780. Gray Code8 Aug 2022 00:131  
why i always get "Runtime error (access violation)" on the test №1? vicodin1033. Labyrinth7 Aug 2022 13:121  
Are there beautifull solution?Joseph Puh the Battle Bear1578. Mammoth Hunt7 Aug 2022 12:223  
Is there faster solutionDarksideCoder2129. Mortgage in Far Away Kingdom7 Aug 2022 09:473  
To admins : triviality of 1_icy_1118. Nontrivial Numbers5 Aug 2022 19:541  
WA test 2andrei parvu1713. Key Substrings4 Aug 2022 23:397  
Решил вопрос. Не понимаю пока, как удалить топик.Ilia1001. Reverse Root3 Aug 2022 20:511  
Accepted in C++sh6rlock1068. Sum3 Aug 2022 20:201  
Memory limit at test 4. PythonVsevolod1048. Superlong Sums2 Aug 2022 16:441  
Мебель на кухнюAlgorithm1 Aug 2022 22:332  
On G++ we can use __int128Igor Parfenov1133. Fibonacci Sequence1 Aug 2022 02:141  
ternary searchГригорий1457. Heating Main29 Jul 2022 12:202  
Realy strange problem (SPOILER)andreyDagger`~1360. Philosophical Dispute28 Jul 2022 20:321  
Can anyone tell me whats wrong with this codeProgrammer1021. Sacrament of the Sum26 Jul 2022 16:001  
Problem 1010. Discrete Function [why i am getting wrong test case passing]Amish jha1010. Discrete Function23 Jul 2022 22:081  
Некорректное условиеAlexey Krupnitskiy1004. Sightseeing Trip22 Jul 2022 00:072  
УсловиеDavydes1004. Sightseeing Trip22 Jul 2022 00:023  

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