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WA #4;can anyone help?jim1925. British Scientists Save the World21 Jan 2020 23:101  
Why my code doesn't work?Sequence is wrong,but only'16 3'and'20 3'. Even the '22 4' and '26 4' are right.jingyi Ma1100. Final Standings21 Jan 2020 17:211  
How can the program recognize when there aren´t more inputs ?Albert1001. Reverse Root21 Jan 2020 15:181  
If you have WA 3Smilodon_am [Obninsk INPE]1297. Palindrome21 Jan 2020 12:401  
WA10, help me please)Roman Hrynevych1131. Copying21 Jan 2020 01:340  
WA 7Kostuan19892002. Test Task20 Jan 2020 11:080  
How come there are solutions that are 0.015 sec and less than 0.1 secSergey2130. Alice + Bob18 Jan 2020 20:350  
why i get Output limit exceeded on test 1rana hossain1001. Reverse Root18 Jan 2020 18:480  
Метод отжига TL 16Toshpulatov (MSU Tashkent)1512. Zinium18 Jan 2020 18:210  
WA #5 wrong answerTheodike1306. Sequence Median18 Jan 2020 13:181  
solution C++Der1cle2005. Taxi for Programmers17 Jan 2020 16:480  
Why fo N = 6 answer is 16 instead of 14? IlyaGrebenyuk1225. Flags17 Jan 2020 16:030  
WA5 What is wrong? help pls.Dmitry_Terenichev1131. Copying16 Jan 2020 21:131  
If you have WA #14Insectophob1272. Non-Yekaterinburg Subway16 Jan 2020 17:101  
This should be enough to get AC without thinkingGilles Deleuze1459. Archer's Travel16 Jan 2020 16:280  
WA32АРТЕМ1877. Bicycle Codes15 Jan 2020 02:500  
If blossom's writer gets WA12 ...Mickkie1099. Work Scheduling13 Jan 2020 22:191  
No subjectAndrew1785. Lost in Localization13 Jan 2020 18:120  
GDE OWIBKA ? (JAVA)shaihin1493. One Step from Happiness13 Jan 2020 16:533  
Wrong ACVorivaN[Yaroslavl SU]🔥2144. Cleaning the Room12 Jan 2020 21:480  

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