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leading zeroes allowed??Debagnik Roy1044. Lucky Tickets. Easy!1 May 2019 11:030  
Hint!some_programming_novice1828. Approximation by a Progression29 Apr 2019 17:270  
Добавить времени для решения на pythonKonstantin2108. Oleg and Little Ponies29 Apr 2019 17:260  
WA27👨‍💻tproger👨‍💻[GTGU]1949. The Best Picture in the Galaxy27 Apr 2019 23:410  
WA on test 2,plz help !milon6031020. Rope27 Apr 2019 15:001  
wa test2 amirani1725. Sold Out!26 Apr 2019 02:441  
wanikkiclout2110. Remove or Maximize26 Apr 2019 01:440  
Doubt regarding solutionashwin1025. Democracy in Danger25 Apr 2019 02:142  
why my recursive solution is giving WA???Suparna1079. Maximum24 Apr 2019 19:400  
A bloom filter with this hash function can pass these test cases, please add more strict cases.some_programming_novice1350. Canteen22 Apr 2019 21:270  
Suggestion for TLE 7Aneta1109. Conference22 Apr 2019 19:530  
Strange behaviorbsu.mmf.team1365. Testing Calculator22 Apr 2019 18:120  
Python TLE is there a better algo?thamizhkavingan1048. Superlong Sums21 Apr 2019 10:550  
Difficulty above 400 ??basuki2115. The Knowledge Day20 Apr 2019 19:381  
No subjectPashylkal1242. Werewolf19 Apr 2019 21:150  
ambiguous statement🦄Imosk72🦄∭GTGU∭2114. My craft19 Apr 2019 18:261  
If you have WA #110bsu.mmf.team2117. Polyphemus' triples19 Apr 2019 03:280  
idea x)Mice Papai1567. SMS-spam17 Apr 2019 22:540  
why wrong answer(3)? c++Dima Puz1001. Reverse Root17 Apr 2019 08:092  
This is too easygunfighter(ノ-_-)ノ彡┻━┻1026. Questions and Answers16 Apr 2019 23:500  

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