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One test to rule them allAfigan1003. Parity13 May 2019 13:561  
Fixed runtime errorr 25Arseniy1604. Country of Fools13 May 2019 04:240  
Python why answer is wrong?Artem13 May 2019 00:120  
Python 3 solution without loopsZEMlan1068. Sum13 May 2019 00:071  
Easy dpViktor Krivoshchekov`~1102. Strange Dialog10 May 2019 23:080  
c++ regex save meHaloom1612. Tram Forum10 May 2019 11:340  
What is test #38?Mikhail Krivenko1510. Order8 May 2019 17:211  
TEST 2 :Adhambek1506. Columns of Numbers8 May 2019 13:232  
WA4Badr2091. Natural Selection7 May 2019 20:380  
No subjectmyb1297. Palindrome7 May 2019 15:120  
No subjectBart111000. A+B Problem7 May 2019 14:291  
OFFER YOU SOME CLARIFICATIONscidylanpno1628. White Streaks7 May 2019 12:140  
Are there another solution?scidylanpno2014. Zhenya moves from parents7 May 2019 11:060  
sort ACxyqxyq1100. Final Standings7 May 2019 08:050  
Good problem! Felix_Mate1752. Tree 26 May 2019 16:093  
both the compiler and the header file matter a lotscidylanpno1220. Stacks6 May 2019 14:090  
WA#3; what's wrong with my code, I am losing all my mind. :'(Neeraj Kumar2023. Donald is a postman6 May 2019 02:262  
1607. Такси. Ошибка на шестом тесте. Помогите !Navalnnny1607. Taxi5 May 2019 17:540  
HINT. To all whose solution using merge sort gets WA on test #5.Vladislav Nikolaev1090. In the Army Now4 May 2019 18:570  
Important thing about ignoring callsRahovski1576. Telephone Tariffs4 May 2019 14:580  

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