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0.109s answerdula1654. Cipher Message12 Jun 2019 11:395  
Why WA?ANTAR NANDI1409. Two Gangsters11 Jun 2019 15:050  
why not? 1 testLev_IZR1231910. Titan Ruins: Hidden Entrance10 Jun 2019 17:232  
help c++Barbs1910. Titan Ruins: Hidden Entrance10 Jun 2019 17:223  
not clear statementsIvan Lakhtin`~1738. Computer Security9 Jun 2019 19:000  
ъеъvtalgo19_NChernyshev☭1000. A+B Problem8 Jun 2019 03:210  
Solution Hintbad dream1740. Deer is Better!6 Jun 2019 14:000  
TLE #62Oracle[Lviv NU]1589. Sokoban6 Jun 2019 05:544  
WA on test #9INSOS1846. GCD 20105 Jun 2019 19:312  
Почему ваш компилятор не видит директиву "stdafx.h"Ilya1000. A+B Problem5 Jun 2019 15:501  
Всё оч просто.с++Kostya1000. A+B Problem5 Jun 2019 15:470  
Всё правильно!!!!Kostya1671. Anansi's Cobweb5 Jun 2019 15:380  
Any other suggestion?adityarev1589. Sokoban5 Jun 2019 12:531  
for those ,who don't know what to do with WA 7,8;Ivan1131. Copying4 Jun 2019 22:490  
What's test#19 ? anything must notice?tbtbtb1332. Genie Bomber4 Jun 2019 11:085  
Thanks for such a cool problemMd sabbir Rahman2124. Algebra on Segment4 Jun 2019 07:060  
Precision errors?Timothy Mou2121. Intersection of Parabolas3 Jun 2019 20:292  
why this solution is wrong?Gleb1409. Two Gangsters3 Jun 2019 15:060  
wa16 (+)AlMag(VNTU)1701. Ostap and Partners2 Jun 2019 20:023  
Crash (access violation) test #17alex2702951837. Isenbaev's Number30 May 2019 08:477  

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